About the Partners

Creating open PD Content and Developing a Scalable model for blended educator Competencies.


As part of TLA's Human Capital Initiative, TLA has made investments in a number of organizations to create freely available professional development and talent management resources as well as to build the capacity of providers who are working with districts and states. These organizations have been working together as a team to share lessons learned and resources, acting as a wave of support for the field.

These organizations have now come together in support of TLA's Educator Learning Model. 

Yet Analytics - Yet Analytics builds software that helps organizations leverage advanced data and analytics for the purpose of improving human capital, training, and decision making. Yet Analytics’ mission is to improve the lives of people and the outcomes of the organizations they serve by making the data of the connected world more visible, accessible, and actionable. 

BetterLesson - BetterLesson is a teacher-founded education technology organization that empowers teachers to drive their own professional learning. The organization is working with 11 “master” blended teachers across the country to capture and share classroom and personal teaching practices. Educators across the country can learn about their approaches and see the work in action through online videos, artifacts, and teacher commentary through the Blended Master Teacher Project. BetterLesson supports the professional development work of blended teachers through their Blended Design Studios and Blended TeachCycle programs.

PowerMyLearning - PowerMyLearning (formerly, CFY) is a national education nonprofit that helps students in low-income communities, together with their teachers and families, harness the power of digital learning to improve educational outcomes. The organization is working to leverage its existing student-facing platform to create a personalized professional development approach for educators.

Friday Institute - The Friday Institute, based at NC State University, is advancing education through innovation in teaching, learning and leadership by bringing together students, teachers, researchers, policy-makers, educational professionals, and other community members to foster collaborations in improving education. Friday Institute has created the Leadership in Blended Learning Program, which is a new national principal training program. The program, launched in January 2015, includes 7 initial pilot partners projected to serve over 300 leaders across the U.S.

Highlander Institute - Highlander Institute is a non-profit community of educators and professionals working to improve the educational experience of all learners. The Highlander Institute has developed and mobilized a network of teacher trainers to provide districts across the state of Rhode Island with consulting, professional development, and technical assistance. Through this multi-year effort, called Fuse RI, Highlander is creating an open source models to catalyze change through blended and personalized learning.

Relay Graduate School of Education - Relay’s mission is to teach teachers and school leaders to develop in all students the academic skills and strength of character needed to succeed in college and life. Relay created a series of open access, graduate-level training courses to help teachers across the country learn how to implement blended learning in their classrooms. The courses, which are available to the general public for free tackle topics ranging from understanding essential teacher mindsets to creating a blended classroom culture to using data to inform student learning pathways.

TNTP - TNTP works with schools and districts nationwide to ensure poor and minority students have outstanding teachers. TNTP has developed advice and talent tools for school district human capital systems to support  the transition to blended models.