Project Future

a competency-based system THAT creates opportunities for personalized learning for educators, across content, format, and time. 


The benefits of a unified tagging system for content begin at the level of findable content, but extend forward to a truly personalized model for discovering, tracking, and improving educator professional development. 

One of the most exciting implications for a system like this—one making interoperability of content, platforms, systems, and learning possible through data—is the potential for a distributed system for both finding and measuring success within all different kinds of learning opportunities.

With this conceptual model in place, content providers can now meaningfully link their learning resources to competencies by tagging their content. To put this model into action, we will need to pilot the system with educator learners, who can use content and track their development against competencies. The next stage of growth for this project is a unified search tool to allow educators to find professional development content based on the Educator Learning Model.

Beyond that, further development would create a personal dashboard for educators to track their own professional learning across platforms, to identify learning formats that work best for them, and to recommend content areas that are best suited for their current needs. Additionally, a system that enables educator developers to facilitate the professional development of educator teams through recommended content and learning opportunities could be created.

Outside of the work with blended learning teacher education, TLA sees opportunities for competency-based professional education, measurement, and learning that can be founded on the work of this concept model. Through the development of profession specific competencies, content, and open data activity registries through xAPI, competency-based professional development could become the standard across industries and across professions.