Project Background

Transforming teaching and learning requires transforming approaches to EDUCATOR training and development.

Over the last two years, The Learning Accelerator (TLA) has been working with a select group of human capital organizations to design, develop, and launch a series of critical supports for teachers and leaders making the shift to blended learning. This initiative has resulted in a series of new open tools, frameworks, and learning content for educators.

However, despite the tremendous value of these new assets, our work together is not complete. One of our key learnings is this:

New models for adult learning must reflect the level of personalization, competency-based learning, and effective use of data that we are asking educators to implement in their classrooms.

To accomplish this, we need to create a common language and frame to help users identify resources and learn across organizations and platforms, making it possible for content to be more accessible to educators at all levels as well as allow educators to more effectively own and track their learning. Content and data must be made more interoperable.

In January 2015, TLA and our grantees partnered with Yet Analytics to launch a new project to help solve exactly this problem, seeking to map the open content created by Initiative grantees, connect them to a shared competency-based framework using a data interoperability specification, and explore how this concept model could be used as an open standard for professional training and development.

The content presented in this site represents the progress and working concept model for this project. 

about TLA and the Next GeN Human Capital Initiative

TLA is the catalyst to transform American K-12 education through blended learning. We seek to help scale approaches to teaching and learning that are highly personalized, competency-based, and use real time data in districts across America. Core to this work is transforming approaches to training and developing educators. We are providing support and resources for education human capitalteachers and leadersso they can thrive in schools and enable students to succeed.

TLA launched the Next Generation Human Capital Initiative, selecting an initial cohort of human capital grantees in the spring of 2014. These six organizations all tackle the challenge of adult development from different angles and at different stages of educator development, but share a vision for providing more open and effective human capital supports for evolving school models. Over the last year, these grantees have moved forward to develop and release a wave of support for schools nationally, working together to share ideas and resources.

Learn more about TLA's human capital portfolio here.